Our Food Program

At Small World, we care about children’s food. We balance the nutrition and pay attention to the flavors of the food, so we design menus on a weekly basis to reach that goal. You will find a variety of proteins, veggies, fruits, and dairy. For children with allergies to certain ingredients or with specific eating habits, we offer alternative food options or allow parents to provide children with their own food.

  • We design menus on a weekly basis, and we offer one or two components from each category to serve the children.

  • Appropriate alternatives to be served for children with allergies or dietary restrictions.

  • Yogurt cup or cheese sandwich will be offered daily as an alternative to those children who cannot eat the entrée/meat.

  • On rare occasions, we may have to switch menus due to unavailable supplies, cooking appliances, etc. We will only switch items from the current week.

Please click the buttons to see our sample menus.